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These Twin Brothers Have Changed the Face of Clear Aligners and Teeth Straightening in the UK - and Helped UK Customers Save £1000s.

Hannah Langley

Last Update: March 13, 2024

Tired of seeing people exploited by expensive treatments and rip-off home straightening kits, twins Dr Hassan and Hussein Dalghous decided to pursue a third way of delivering straight smiles to their customers.

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Dr. Hassan and Dr. Hussein trained and practised as successful private dentists in Leeds, carrying out complicated cosmetic and general procedures for the UK’s highest-rated dental practice.

Yet everywhere they looked, they saw dodgy dental companies springing up to try and fill the gaps left by the decline of NHS dentistry. They noticed teeth straightening treatments that were eye-waveringly expensive and inaccessible to those who needed treatment the most.

At the other end of the market, they saw at-home aligner companies making promises their shoddy products couldn’t keep. Surely there was a better way for people to get the smiles they wanted, without either spending too much or getting a product that simply didn’t work?

The solution was in their hands. They combined their knowledge and decided to put their weight behind a true challenger brand. Smile White started out primarily as a teeth whitening company, giving people an at-home treatment that was much more powerful and effective than most rivals. But the twins realised it could go beyond that. 

They thought, “Why not move into aligners and give people what they’re crying out for - a way to straighten their teeth that really works and doesn’t cost the earth?”

This led them to launch Smile White clear aligners, which is a dentist-led approach to perfecting smiles. Everyone would get to see dentists for a proper assessment, for accurate 3D scans and to have their attachments fitted. They’d then do the easy bit at home. This would mean they get dramatically different smiles with dentist oversight, but without being tied into ridiculously expensive big name-brand contracts. 

While Smile White is more expensive than the cheap at-home kits, that’s not an issue for the twins, who have seen rivals like Smile Direct Club fold because they over-promised and under-delivered. While they’re keen to offer value-for-money compared to the likes of Invisalign, they still want to ensure people get the benefit of dental skill. 

Smile White uses a network of verified and GDC-registered dentists for the best service, and allies this with Zendura FLX technology that makes their aligners comfortable to wear, effective and great at combating the bad breath that some cheap aligners can cause. 

Dr. Hussein and Dr. Hassan know that what matters is results, and Smile White has quickly risen to the top of the tree when it comes to reviews. They’ve transformed countless smiles, in the process rescuing people from the discomfort of metal braces, the expense of the lazy, established brands and the bad results of shoddy at-home straightening.

Smile White vs. the rest

Overseen by GDC-registered professionals
400+ strong network of verified dentists
State-of-the-art Zendura FLX aligner technology
Free whitening & retainers worth £790 for all customers

Real People, Real Results

The transformations have been game-changing for so many people. Here are just a few of the smiles that have been changed forever.

Nick Bryan has almost finished his treatment

“The experience so far has been fantastic. Smile White have been excellent throughout and their dentists I have been seeing has provided a brilliant service.
This strikes a perfect balance between constant dentist visits and DIY, and makes it extremely easy to fit the work around your lifestyle.”

Chloe has just started her clear aligner journey

“My consultant, Joe, was extremely professional and so friendly and talked me through every step as well as answering any questions. I was very shocked at how little the price was compared to other brands so decided to go for it.”

Paige Wilson loved her aligners and is moving on to whitening

“I’m coming to the end of my treatment with smile white and I couldn’t be more impressed ! My teeth look amazing 🤩 and generally speaking the process has been so easy. I highly recommend Smile White and with the amount you’re saving compared to the Invisalign brand it’s a no-brainer!”

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Smile White don’t stop at straight

Flash sales? Eye-catching deals that seem impossible? That’s all fine. But Hussein and Hassan know how important it is for people to be able to get life-changing treatment day-in, day-out, year-round.

That’s why everybody who chooses to go with Smile White for their clear aligners also gets this:

  • A free e-consultation to discuss their needs and ask any questions
  • All dentist appointments included
  • Free pro whitening worth £395 - for every customer
  • Free Smile Lock retainers worth £395 - to keep the new smile in tip-top shape

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