Smile White - Your Dentist Approved Alternative to SmileDirectClub

19th December 2023

5 minute read

Smile White - Your Dentist Approved Alternative to SmileDirectClub

Patients are looking for SmileDirectClub alternatives for their clear teeth aligners in the UK following the announcement that they're closing down.

That's where Smile White comes in, patients looking for dentist approved teeth alignment treatments can access reliable, trusted dental smile makeover treatments with professional UK dentists.

Meet Smile White – your new go-to for a confident and dazzling smile revolution.

Smile White vs. SmileDirectClub: A Trustworthy Choice

Let's cut to the chase – SmileDirectClub offered a direct-to-home model that was convenient, but the main flaw was that it didn’t come with any in-person dentist visits. That's where Smile White is different, we offer revolutionary approach that makes sure you speak to a professional UK dentist before your treatment starts. We consider your safety and confidence at every step.

Why Choose Smile White?

1. Safety First with In-Person Dentist Visits

At Smile White, we understand the importance of trust and safety in your smile journey. Our unique model involves in-person visits with Smile White approved dentists across Europe. It's not just about aligning teeth; it's about having a qualified professional monitor your progress, ensuring your treatment is as safe as it is effective.

2. Clinically Approved and Customer Trusted

Our ground-breaking products are not just talk – they're clinically approved and internationally market-leading. The Twin Dentists, Hussein and Hassan, former cosmetic dentists, lead the charge with a mission to transform not just teeth but the entire dental industry. With a whopping 400 Smile White approved dentists, we've got your back (or should we say, your smile)!

The Smile White Method: Your Path to Confidence

Step 1: Online Consultation with Dental Experts

Begin your smile revolution by booking an online consultation. Our dental experts will evaluate your candidacy for aligner treatment, ensuring you're on the right track from the get-go.

Step 2: In-Person Assessment with Smile White Verified Dentists

If you're eligible, we'll refer you to a Smile White verified dentist in your area. Here's where the magic happens – a 3D scan will assess your oral health, identifying any underlying issues with precision.

Step 3: Custom-Made Aligners for Your Perfect Smile

Thanks to our advanced 3D digital scan, your custom-made aligners will fit like a glove. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions; it's all about your unique smile.

Step 4: Affordable Smile Makeover with In-Person Check-Ups

Throughout your treatment plan, enjoy the convenience of online consultations coupled with the confidence-boosting in-person check-ups. Smile White passes the financial savings onto you – up to 60% cheaper than our competitors.

Join the Smile White Revolution Today!

We have an excellent customer rating on TrustPilot, no, really...take a look at our reviews here, 1000’s of aligners sold worldwide, and more than 400 approved dentists across the UK, Smile White clear clear aligners aren’t just a smile makeover product; they’re a building people's confidence and revolutionising the dental industry in the process.

Book your online consultation today and see of the innovative results that have everyone smiling brighter.

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