Any questions?
Here are the answers:

The Smile White Steps

How will I know how far my Smile White dentist is?


In each location we work with multiple Smile White accredited dentists that are part of our team in both central and outer areas. This means we can offer you different options for your Smile White dentist location to minimise travel and make your journey convenient and easy.



How will I know if my Smile White dentist is good?


Our team of Smile White accredited dentists consist of some of the most experienced and skilled cosmetic dentists across the UK. We only work with the best as our priority is to ensure your results are amazing and you enjoy the journey along the way. We have multiple dentists in each location to be able to offer different options of locations to cut down on travel time and make the Smile White journey even easier.



What if I would like a hygiene treatment to clean my teeth before my Smile White treatment?


If you would like any additional treatment before your Smile White treatment such as a scale and polish or stain removal treatment you are more than welcome to discuss this with your Smile White accredited dentist during your first appointment. You will then be given a treatment plan separately and will be booked in for an extra appointment with your Smile White dentist at a separate cost before receiving your trays and Smile White kit. Your teeth will then be nice and clean ready for some professional teeth whitening!



What if I need to change my appointment after the booking has been made?


If for whatever reason you are no longer able to make your appointment, feel free to contact your Smile White accredited dentist to rearrange the appointment within 48 hours of the booking.



Am I able to discuss extra cosmetic treatments such as composite bonding, porcelain veneers or teeth straightening with my Smile White dentist?


Absolutely – your Smile White accredited dentist has been selected due to their skill and knowledge on cosmetic dental treatments and so you are welcome to discuss further cosmetic dental treatment with them if you wish. The dentist will be able to analyse your smile and put together a full treatment plan priced separately with any further treatment you would like. 

The Smile White Product

I’ve tried non-professional teeth whitening before and it didn’t work, why will smile white be different?


The reason why non-professional teeth whitening doesn’t work is because the concentration of gel that’s used is extremely low (0.16%) whereas professional products like Smile White are 100x more concentrated (16%) meaning the gel can powerfully break down staining and whiten the tooth from the inside – that’s why the results with professional products like Smile White are a lot more noticeable.



How is Smile White so effective at whitening teeth?


Our FreshGel 16% carbamide peroxide syringes are made from the freshest active ingredients to whiten your teeth and provide you with great results that last. Your bespoke SuperFit teeth whitening trays are custom made for your teeth only which means they can effectively keep the gel in its position over your tooth surface to whiten effectively.


Will my teeth become sensitive?


Sensitivity is a normal part of the professional teeth whitening process as during the first few days of teeth whitening the stains within the tooth are broken down making the tooth a little more exposed than normal. This quickly dies down after the first few days of teeth whitening and the sensitivity subsides. Smile White contains desensitisers to reduce the sensitivity even more!



How long will my results last?


With Smile White Plus, you will receive 2 free top up kits as part of your professional teeth whitening treatment than can be used 12 months after your initial treatment as well as 12 months after your first top up kit. This way your teeth will stay white for at least 3 years. After the 3-year period you will be able to purchase top up kits to maintain your smile for a lifetime by whitening for a few nights every 12 months.

Your Smile White Dentist

Am I able to begin my Smile White treatment if my teeth are painful or need fillings?


Your teeth must be healthy before beginning your Smile White treatment. If you do require general dental treatment to restore your dental health, your Smile White accredited dentist will provide you with a treatment plan priced separately with exactly what you need to get your teeth healthy before taking the measurements of your teeth and continuing your Smile White journey. There is no added cost to create your treatment plan – it’s all included in the fee for your Smile White package.


What if I need some general dental work before my Smile White treatment but can’t afford it?


If you do need any general dental work such as a filling on a decayed tooth before starting your Smile White treatment, you will be offered finance options to make your treatment manageable. If for whatever reason you are unable to afford your general dental treatment plan you are able to receive a refund in full even after seeing your Smile White accredited dentist.