Smile white vs. Invisalign

Our clear aligners don’t just create dream teeth like other brands on the market - they create dream smiles.

Smile White is UK’s highest-rated clear aligner brand, and here’s why…

✔ Expert dentist-led treatment, with affordable online pricing
✔ Network of 400+ Smile White-approved dentists
✔ Industry-leading aligner technology
✔ Free whitening and retainers with every purchase (worth £790!)
✔ Affordable 0% finance options available

Invisalign: why the market leader might not to be the best option

Affordable & Accessible

Smile White’s pricing structure is as transparent as our clear aligners - and it’ll stay that way. How much does Invisalign cost? It totally depends on who you ask and where you’re based. Their prices range hugely from supplier to supplier, ranging from £3,000 - £5,000 (and beyond!).

Advanced technology

Smile White uses advanced technology that surpasses the quality of most traditional clear aligner systems. The aligners are crafted using state-of-the-art Zendura FLX® technology with superior crack resistance, comfort and durability.

And the best part? Free teeth whitening and retainers worth £790!

When you choose Smile White, you’re not just choosing a straighter smile - but a brighter, whiter smile! With all clear aligner treatments, we offer dentist-grade teeth whitening that’ll last for up to 3 years, worth £395. Plus, to keep your smile in tip-top condition and prevent any movement, we’ll also include two sets of retainers worth £395.

How it works

Start your teeth straightening journey today in three steps...


Free online consultation

This will help our dental experts to decide the right treatment package for your teeth.


Dentist visit

Get your aligners fitted and start your journey to a perfectly straight smile.


Start your journey

Your Smile White dentist and aftercare team will carefully monitor your progress, to ensure you get the smile you’ll love.

Book free e-consultation

FREE whitening and retainers worth £790 for a limited time

Why Smile White?

Dentist-led treatment for expert results

Our technology is discreet, comfortable and effective

Personal care and elite customer service

Book free e-consultation

Free whitening and retainers worth £790 for a limited time

Clear aligners,
clear pricing

Mild case


Crowding on 3-4 teeth

Bite correction:


Treatment time:

2-4 months

Single Arch Cost:

From £142/month or £1,695*

Dual Arch Cost:

From £183/month or £2195*

Moderate case


Crowding on 6-8 teeth

Bite correction:


Treatment time:

4-6 months

Single Arch Cost:

From £167/month or £1,995*

Dual Arch Cost:

From £225/month or £2695*

Complex case


Generalised crowding

Bite correction:


Treatment time:

6-9 months

Single Arch Cost:

From £233/month or £2,795*

Dual Arch Cost:

From £307/month or £3695*

Thousands of reasons to trust us

Thousands of reasons to trust us

Smile White
vs Traditional Aligners

In-person dentist supervision
Bite correction
Low price
Trustpilot's UK's highest-rated aligner brand
FREE whitening worth £395

Smile White
vs DIY Aligners

In-person dentist supervision
Bite correction
Low price
Trustpilot's UK's highest-rated aligner brand
Free whitening worth £395

Curious about anything?

How does Smile White work exactly?
After your e-consultation with one of our experts, you’ll visit your local Smile White dentist for a check-up and 3D scan of your teeth. Your clear aligners will then be manufactured and sent to you in the post within just 2-3 weeks. Your dentist will monitor your progress throughout your treatment to ensure that you receive the smile you have always dreamed of. It’s that simple!
Where is my local Smile White dentist?
Our network features 400+ dentists conveniently located across the UK, so you're never too far from an approved professional. You’ll find out where your nearest dentist is during your initial consultation.
How often do I have to wear my clear aligners?
For the best results, your clear aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours every day. Ideally, you should only remove them to eat, drink and brush your teeth.
Can I eat and drink as normal with my clear aligners in?
Always remove your clear aligners before eating and drinking, as they can be easily damaged or stained (even by soft drinks). You can only drink water with your clear aligners in.
After I eat, do I have to brush my teeth before putting my aligners back in?
It’s a good idea to brush your teeth before replacing your aligners, as food particles may make the inside of your aligners dirty, leading to bad odours.
Can I just wear my aligners at night?
If you only wear aligners at night, you won’t achieve the tooth movement necessary for a straighter smile. For the best results, your aligner should be worn for 20-22 hours per day.
How long do I have to wear my retainers after the aligners?
After you finish your aligner treatment, the bones under your teeth will still be regrowing. Without retainers, they may go back to their original position. We recommend wearing your retainers for at least six months.
How many trips to the dentist will I need throughout my treatment?
You’ll need three visits in total. Your dentist will ensure your comfort and oversee the creation of custom clear aligners designed to achieve your ideal smile.
Are the aligners invisible?
Although not completely invisible, Smile White's clear aligners are very discreet and hard-to-detect.
Do clear aligners hurt?
You may experience some mild discomfort as your teeth move, but this is a good sign! It shows that your aligner treatment is working correctly.
Why are clear aligners better than traditional braces?
Clear aligners are significantly more discreet compared to traditional metal braces, which can appear unsightly. They are also known for their enhanced comfort, as they do not involve the wires and brackets that often cause discomfort associated with traditional braces.
Can I have clear aligners if my teeth are crowded?
Yes! In fact, clear aligners are ideal for the treatment of crowded teeth. By slowly moving the teeth, they create the normal amount of space between them.
Is whitening included with my clear aligner treatment?
Teeth whitening is always included with our clear aligner treatment (unlike our rivals!), so that your smile really is the best it can be.
What happens if my teeth aren’t straight at the end of my treatment?
If you’ve been wearing your aligners correctly, but your teeth aren’t straight at the end of your treatment, you may need some additional aligners. We’ll always ensure that you won’t pay extra for this. At Smile White, you pay for a straight smile - and that’s exactly what you’ll get!