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Thousands of reasons to trust us

Thousands of reasons to trust us

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Is teeth whitening safe?
Absolutely! Our teeth whitening is meticulously designed, developed and delivered by dentists, so you can rest easy knowing that your teeth won’t suffer.
When will I start seeing results?
You’ll start seeing results within as little as 48 hours. Yes, really!
How long will the results last?
Smile White is one of very few approved teeth whitening systems used by leading cosmetic dentists across the UK to give you a 3 year guaranteed brighter smile, done right, with dental-grade ingredients.
Does teeth whitening hurt?
No! After the teeth whitening treatment, some patients may experience slight sensitivity, which is completely normal. However, using DIY kits can be risky as they lack proper testing, potentially causing lasting harm to your enamel and underlying tooth structure, leading to pain and discomfort.
Why is Smile White teeth whitening better than DIY kits?
Smile White teeth whitening outshines cheap DIY teeth whitening kits thanks to our innovative FreshGel™ formula. The carbamide peroxide concentration (which is the key whitening agent) in our teeth whitening is 100 times more potent than what is typically found in online DIY kits, promising a brighter and longer-lasting smile.
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