5 Shocking Secrets Your Dentist Won't Tell You with Dr Phil

14th November 2022

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5 Shocking Secrets Your Dentist Won't Tell You with Dr Phil

We sat down with one of Instagram's hottest dentists (in more ways than one), and all round nice guy Dr Phil End this week to chat about how you can get a brighter smile from the comfort of your own home. Whilst he's normally spending his time offering premium dental services such as composite bonding, porcelain veneers and more to celebs and countless happy clients at the UK's Number One dental practice (and leading Smile White Approved centre) Yorkshire Dental Suite, today he's going to let you in on some secrets that many dentists wouldn't want you to know.

Secret 1: Your Bad Breath (Probably) Isn't Down to Brushing

If you find yourself cupping your hand in front of your mouth and nose to get a good sniff of that breathy air, you're probably one of millions of Brits who are conscious their breath is far less fresh than it should be. Maybe you're not brushing well enough? Or could you do with a bit more mouthwash? The simple answer from Dr Phil is...not usually. 

Unless caused by diet, for most of us the dreaded bad breath we encounter is caused by lack of flossing. A shocking 32% of adults report not flossing in the last week - that means putrid food and other matter building up between the teeth and gums, creating a pungent odour on our breaths. If you struggle with flossing or find it painful, Dr Phil recommends using a water flosser as an easier way to get a great flossing result, that's better for the environment than disposable floss or interdental sticks.

Secret 2: Alcohol Based Mouthwash is Leaving You High and Dry

Whilst we've become used to the routine of brush your teeth then swill around the mouthwash, it definitely doesn't mean that it's the best thing to do for your oral health. In fact, more and more dentists are catching on and warning their patients about the problems caused by alcohol based mouthwash. Dr Phil explains to us that alcohol is a drying agent and as such actually inhibits saliva production in your mouth, leaving you with an unpleasant feeling and an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, all in exchange for 30 minutes of minty freshness.

If you're ready to trade-in your alcohol mouthwash, there's lots of great options of alcohol-free and natural mouthwashes, including Smile White FreshTabs, a chewable mouthwash solution that's 100% alcohol free and made with natural ingredients.

Secret 3: Healthy Teeth Are Sexy Teeth

Dr Phil and the team at Yorkshire Dental Suite are no strangers to this idea, in fact they've provided Smile White treatments for some super sexy smiles, with Love Island stars, Premier League footballers and more. But the idea of healthy teeth being sexy isn't just true of those lucky few with millions of Instagram followers...Dr Phil pulled out some crazy stats for us, letting us know that 55% of people say teeth are one of the most major considerations when looking for someone to date. An even more stunning 83% of people say that teeth are a make-or-break factor in considering whether there will be a second date. 

So, whether you're single, getting ready to be married, or just want to look sexy for your partner, or yourself, make sure you're taking great care of your smile. One key consideration for a great sexy smile is straightness, one of the first things that people notice. If your smile needs straightening, check out our professional clear aligner service, delivered by local dentists.

Secret 4: The Things I See on TikTok Give me Nightmares

Whilst dental horror stories are nothing new, especially with an endemic rise in dental tourism, Dr Phil tells us there's never been a scarier time for our teeth than with the rise of TikTok. Mindblowing videos have popped up in the past year of teens and young adults filing down their own teeth, destroying enamel and potentially causing lifelong damage. 

Although many videos on the trendy social media platform are spoofs, some people are doing real lasting damage and setting a horrific example for others. Despite this causing a raft of extra cosmetic work for dentists, Dr Phil hates to see it and would rather never have to meet a patient in this condition, telling us "these things on TikTok have genuinely given me nightmares, it's so sad to see young people doing this to themselves."

Secret 5: Professional Whitening Isn't As Expensive as You Think

Most of us have at some point at least considered picking up one of those twenty quid whitening kits near the counter in "reputable" pharmacy chains up and down the country, or placing an online order for an all-in-one kit. Unfortunately, Dr Phil explains not only do these not have the correct chemicals to create real results, they actually have the potential to harm your teeth. That doesn't mean that getting a dazzling white smile is out of reach though for most of us. You don't have to fork out thousands on composite bonding, or even spend the £800+ that a lot of dentists charge for full bespoke whitening services. 

Instead, you can whiten with Smile White Professional Whitening, which Dr Phil recommends to all of his patients. Smile White's Pro Whitening offers dental grade 16% Carbamide Peroxide, prescribed by a dentist local to your home, following a consultation, oral health check and custom whitening tray moulding. And all of this is available online now for just £16.46 per month or £395 as a one off all inclusive payment. When you order, you'll get booked in with a Smile White Approved Dentist like Dr Phil, at a dentist typically within 15-20 minutes of your home and receive everything that you need for a 3 Year Guaranteed Whiter Smile.

You Can Order Smile White Professional Whitening HERE Today

EXTRA SECRET - Dr Phil Has a Viral Smile White Rap!
Not only is Dr Phil an expert in all things dentistry, he's also bringing fire in the tooth, with his very own dentistry raps featuring Smile White! Check it out on Instagram here.


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