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How do I know I’ve selected the right aligner package for my teeth?
How is Smile White aligners different to other online companies selling aligners direct to your house?
How do Smile White aligners differ from other providers like Invisalign?
How do I know I’m suitable for smile white aligners?
Are Smile White aligners trimmed in a scalloped fashion or straight across?
What are Smile White aligners made of?
Does Smile White aligners have attachments?
What happens after I order the aligners online?
How many times will I have to visit my Smile White dentist during treatment?
How long will my treatment last?
Are final retainers included in the price of my Smile White aligner treatment?
Can I have Smile White aligners if I have a missing tooth/teeth or an implant?
What is the minimum age and maximum age for Smile White Aligner treatment?
Do you have any pictures of before and afters of patients that have used Smile White aligners?