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  • Clear Aligners
    Clear Aligners
    Clear Aligners
    Clear Aligners
    Clear Aligners
    Clear Aligners
    Clear Aligners Clear Aligners Clear Aligners Clear Aligners Clear Aligners Clear Aligners

    Clear Aligners

    Smile White clear aligners are dentist-developed for guaranteed straight smile results.

    From £1,695 or from £35.30 per month
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    For Free Whitening and Retainers worth £790
    Buy now, pay later interest free instalments.
    This is a credit product. 18+ terms apply.

    How Smile White Clear Aligners Treatment Works

    Start Smiling in Three Simple Steps
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    Step 1 Online Consult

    You’ll receive a free clear aligner e-consultation with one of our Smile White Orthodontic Experts for a full assessment on what package suits you best. They will also go through your local smile white dentist, pricing and interest free finance

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    Step 2 Smile White Dentist Visit

    You will then see your local smile white dentist a couple of weeks after for a 3d scan and health check. This scan will be sent off to the aligner manufacturing team who will make each week of your aligners

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    Step 3 Start Your Journey

    Your custom-fit, ultra-clear aligners are then manufactured about 2-3 weeks after and your Smile White dentist and personalised client care account manager will carefully monitor your progress to ensure you get a smile you love.

    How much does teeth straightening cost?


    Single Arch

    £1,995 or £41.54 P/M

    Dual Arch

    £2,695 or £56.12 P/M

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    Direct To Home vs. Smile White

    Smile White aligners are approved and delivered by highly qualified dentists from our huge pro network, meaning your treatment will be both safe and effective. Most aligners you buy online that come direct to your home aren’t - simple as. They’re cheap because they cut corners. We rigorously test our aligner material and attachments to make your teeth movement safe and to protect your gums. Many of our cut-price competitors don’t. These are just a few of the reasons why our clear aligner system is dentist approved and used by leading cosmetic dentists all across the country. It’s why we guarantee you a straighter smile, and others can’t.

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    Why Choose Smile White:

    Dental-Grade Treatment at an Online Price. See? You’re Smiling Already. Tired of useless DIY whitening and straightening companies with hidden costs and no guarantees? We don’t do that. All our services and products are carried out by elite dentists but with online pricing.

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    Smile White Technology:

    We use cutting-edge Zendura® FLX technology for amazing results and better, safer tooth movement. Better tooth movement means better results, whilst protecting your bone structure’s health. We use OdourBlock™ materials in our aligners to stop bad breath, a common issue with many other clear aligner systems. Our dental attachments pull your teeth gradually, something only available with dentist-based services Scallop contoured trays protect your gums and teeth, avoiding bleeding and bruising.

    What’s Included in your
    Clear Aligner Package

    All Dentist Visits

    All three dental visits with your local Smile White dentists are included. Also any more appointments needed we will include. We have 300+ Smile White dentists nationwide so there will be one local to you. 

    Pro Whitening worth £395

    16% Carbamide Peroxide Professional teeth whitening kit included to brighten up your smile after the aligners to give the all round perfect smile. Also two extra whitening syringes included to ensure a brighter smile for years to come.

    2 Sets of Smile Lock Retainers

    We include not just one set of Smile Lock retainers but two! This ensure your straight smile is locked in for life. If you lose one then don’t worry you will have a backup set.

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    Three Solutions For a Straighter Smile

    Direct 2 Home:

    Image 1

    • No GDC dentist supervision
    • Inaccurate impressions
    • Lots of added extras not included
    • No attachments or IPR if needed
    • Limited follow up care
    • Inadequate treatment for complex case


    Image 2

    • All local dental appointments included
    • Perfect Smile guarantee
    • Whitening and retainers included
    • Personalised client care account manager
    • Highest rated aligner company
    • Zendura FX technology


    Image 3

    • Average aligner cost of between 4.2k – 6.8k
    • Lots of added extras
    • Not much aftercare support
    • Rated 2.0 on Google
    • Any extra aligners not included
    • Excess dental visits

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    Smile White

    Traditional Aligners

    From £1,695
    From £4,000
    3D Scans
    GDC Registered Dentists
    365 Day Support
    Over 300 Locations Nationwide
    Straight Smile Guarantee
    0% Interest Finance Available
    Dedicated Support Agent

    Clear Aligners $2,198.00

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