Smile Direct Club Bankruptcy Explainer - Q&A

19th December 2023

5 minute read

Smile Direct Club Bankruptcy Explainer - Q&A

If you've heard news Smile Direct Club closing down, you may be looking for more information on what happens to ongoing treatments.

You may also be wondering where you could go for a safe, trusted alternative for teeth aligner...we'll discuss both those things in this post.

Have Smile Direct Club Closed Down?

Unfortunately, the news is true, SmileDirectClub have closed down because of large amounts of debt and thousands of customers have been left in limbo. Below we’ll go over why the company is no longer operating and answer the question…what are the potential alternatives to Smile Direct Club in the UK?

Who Were Smile Direct Club?

SmileDirectClub was a telehealth dentistry company that offered invisible aligners for straightening your teeth at home with no in-person dentist visit required. Patients would take a mould of their teeth at home and, their clear aligners would arrive in the post..

Why Are They No Longer Around?

On 8th December 2023, the company announced their bankruptcy because of large amounts of debt. This decision impacts all their customers worldwide.

Are SmileDirectClub Giving Refunds to Their Customers?

No decision has been made yet.

According to their website, decisions on refunds will be made once “the bankruptcy process determines next steps and additional measures customers can take.”

What If I Have an Ongoing Treatment?

After shutting down all global operations, SmileDirectClub has apologised to customers and advised they consult a professional dentist about future treatment.

What If I have An Order With Them?

The invisible aligner seller said that orders that have not yet been shipped have been cancelled and noted that.

The SmileDirectClub Method:

SmileDirectClub offered a fast method of teeth alignment treatment that required no in-person dentist. This might have been fast, but it also meant that the teeth alignment treatments had no oversight from dental professionals

Smile Direct Club Alternatives:

Patients looking for a brighter smile will now be seeking alternative solutions for their treatments, these can be:

  • Private medical care
  • Talking to your dentist about Invisalign
  • Dedicated smile correction companies/services 

Correct Your Smile, With Smile White

At Smile White, we have always been an alternative to pure teledentistry services like SmileDirectClub.

This is because our treatments include in-person consultations and aftercare visits with 400+ accredited dentists across Europe.

It starts with an online consultation, but before the actual treatment begins, you’ll need to visit a dentist for 3D scan and a health check.

By maintaining this professional standard, Smile White patients can have peace of mind that their smile makeover treatment journey will be handled by a qualified professional operating to UK dentistry standards.

This unique method of online consultations and in-person dentist visits means Smile White can offer prices up to 60% cheaper than competitors.

Learn more about SmileDirectClub alternatives for teeth alignment treatments.

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