Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

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Why pay £395 when you can get whitening for £40?

  • Online teeth whitening kits only last up to 3-4 weeks before you need to use it again. This becomes costly. Our kit is developed & delivered by dentists with results lasting up to 3 years.

  • Unlike Smile White, the cheap DIY whitening kits that you buy off the internet, or over the counter, are only allowed to have a small Percentage of Carbamide Peroxide, the active chemical agent that whitens teeth.

  • The substances these cheap DIY kits use instead don’t undergo any testing, which can mean long lasting damage to your enamel and underlying tooth structure.

  • The peroxide whitening that a dentist can offer is 100 times stronger than what you’d find in a cheap, online DIY whitening kit.

  • The gel used to whiten your teeth also by law has to undergo a rigorous testing process, before being able to administer it to the client, to ensure no harm to your teeth can occur.

  • Smile White is one of very few approved teeth whitening systems used by leading cosmetic dentists across the UK to give you a 3 year guaranteed brighter smile, done right, with professional grade Ingredients.

Say goodbye to bulky machines & constant re-use.

Our clear, discreet whitening trays allow you to whiten your teeth anywhere, anytime.

Our FreshGel™ formula provides you with results that last up to 3 years, unlike the blue light machines that require use every 3-4 weeks due to the low quality machines & ingredients. This proves costly & time consuming for many.

What’s included for just £395

  • Includes 2x local dentist appointments (1 to check your teeth and take measurements and 1 to deliver your full kit and trays)

  • Easy online ordering process, with pay in full or pay monthly with Klarna

  • Your order covers you for everything you need for your 3 Year Guaranteed White Smile

  • Dental grade teeth whitening formula only available through our network of qualified Smile White dentists

  • Full whitening kit and bespoke SuperFit™ trays

  • Deeper white & gentle care toothpaste

  • Top up syringe kit worth £150

  • FDA approved, fully safe products which whiten your teeth without causing damage

Pro Whitening: Step by Step

Your online order covers you for everything you need for your guaranteed whiter smile (no hidden costs)


Purchase Pro-Whitening online


We’ll book your local Smile White dentist appointment


Check-up & tray measurement with local Smile White dentist


Collect your full Pro-Whitening kit


Start Pro-Whitening at home with results in as little as 48 hours

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Teeth Whitening, Simplified. With Professional Dentists.

Most online whitening kits only last up to 3-4 weeks before you need to use it again. This becomes costly.

We developed out professional teeth whitening kit alongside dentists for results that last up to 3 years. This is because our FreshGel™ whitening formula is the highest viscosity whitening gel on the market.

This means that the gel will stay in your whitening trays longer and whiten your teeth quicker. Your online order will include a FREE visit to one of our 400+ Smile White who will make sure you have everything you need to whiten your smile with confidence at home.

Quality SuperFit™
Whitening Trays

If you want whiter teeth, the quality and the fit of the whitening trays are essential to the treatment outcome.

We’ve spent time studying different whitening tray manufacturing techniques and have developed our unique SuperFit™ whitening tray.

The tray uses cutting-edge laser technology to ensure your whitening trays not only fit around your teeth like a glove, but last for years to come.

Say goodbye to bulky whitening machines. Hello to a discreet whitening solution.

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Designed & developed by UK dentists
Designed & developed by UK dentists
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FDA approved products
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3 Year Guaranteed Results
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