SmileDirectClub files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

3rd October 2023

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SmileDirectClub files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

SmileDirectClub's Journey: What It Means for the Dental Industry and SmileWhite's Commitment to You

Recent news has unveiled the financial challenges faced by SmileDirectClub, a notable player in the dental alignment industry. In this post, we'll delve into what this means for the broader industry and reassure our valued SmileWhite customers about our unwavering commitment to them.


Founded in 2014, SmileDirectClub revolutionised the dental alignment market with its direct-to-consumer model. Offering remote orthodontic services, they quickly became a household name.


While the exact reasons for SmileDirectClub's financial challenges are complex, the dental industry has faced various pressures in recent years, from economic fluctuations to changing consumer habits.

Relevance to SmileWhite

At SmileWhite, we deeply understand the complexities of the dental market. Our business model and strategies are built on sustainability, ensuring we can continue serving our customers with the utmost quality and care.

Commitment to Customers

Our top priority remains our customers. We continuously strive to innovate, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Our customers can rest assured that we remain steadfast in our mission to bring brighter smiles to all.


While the dental alignment industry faces its challenges, SmileWhite is here for the long haul. We're excited about the future and deeply grateful to our customers for being on this journey with us.

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