YDS Group Buy Smile White

29th June 2023

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YDS Group Buy Smile White

YDS Group Acquires SmileWhite in 8 figure Deal, Paving the Way for Affordable High-Quality Dentistry in the UK

Leeds, 23rd June 2023 – YDS Group, the industry-leading cosmetic dental company based in Yorkshire, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of SmileWhite, a renowned provider of exceptional dental products and services, in a deal worth 8 figures. The acquisition represents a significant milestone for both companies and signals YDS Group's commitment to making high-quality dentistry accessible and affordable in the UK.

YDS Group recognizes SmileWhite's exceptional reputation for delivering state of the art products that enable dentists to achieve remarkable smile makeover results for their patients. From pro teeth whitening to aligner treatments and products, SmileWhite offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions. This strategic acquisition, which includes SmileWhites intellectual rights and a group of highly successful dental websites, will allow YDS Group to enhance its portfolio which already includes porcelain veneers and a comprehensive implant offering, and further strengthen its position in the dental industry. The flagship Yorkshire Dental Suite is the highest-rated dentist in the UK. 

One of the key driving forces behind YDS Group's decision to acquire SmileWhite is the urgent need to address the challenges faced by the National Health Service in orthodontic care. With extensive waiting lists for orthodontic treatments, many patients suffer from prolonged discomfort and compromised dental health. Smile White's innovative hybrid solution provides a unique opportunity for patients to access orthodontic treatment through hundreds of accredited partner dentists across the UK. By offering clear aligners at an affordable price and with interest-free finance options, SmileWhite aims to alleviate the strain on the NHS while ensuring patients receive the highest quality care.

Statistics reveal the alarming number of individuals currently on NHS waiting lists for orthodontic care. It was already long, but the Covid pandemic helped increase the average waiting time for orthodontic treatment on the NHS towards two years. The backlog isn’t being helped by the shrinking number of dentists offering NHS treatment. By acquiring SmileWhite, YDS Group seeks to address this critical issue and contribute to the improvement of dental healthcare across the country. The accessible and affordable nature of SmileWhite's treatments will provide patients with much-needed relief, enhancing their oral health and overall well-being.

YDS Group is dedicated to advancing dentistry through innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships. This acquisition aligns with the company's mission to deliver high-quality dental services that meet the diverse needs of patients while fostering a more accessible and equitable healthcare system.

"We are excited about the acquisition of SmileWhite and the opportunities it brings," said twin brothers Hussein and Hassan Dalghous of YDS Group. "By combining our expertise and resources, we can revolutionise the dental industry by providing affordable access to exceptional dental care. Together, we will make a positive impact on the lives of countless patients across the UK."

YDS Group and SmileWhite are confident that their collaboration will elevate the standards of dental care and contribute to a healthier nation. With a shared vision and commitment to excellence, they look forward to empowering dentists and transforming smiles across the UK.

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About YDS Group: YDS Group is a leading provider of comprehensive dental solutions, from implants and whitening to training the successful dentists of tomorrow. YDS Group aims to disrupt the outdated dental industry and empower patients to achieve optimal oral health.

About SmileWhite: SmileWhite is a renowned provider of exceptional dental products and services, specialising in smile makeover treatments, including pro teeth whitening, and clear aligners. With a vast network of accredited partner dentists across the UK, Smile White aims to provide patients with affordable access to orthodontic care and improve their dental well-being.

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