Smile Direct Club Liquidation

12th December 2023

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Smile Direct Club Liquidation

In recent industry news, SmileDirectClub, the US based tele-dentistry firm has declared bankruptcy.

The company who focused specifically on offering invisible aligners, served over 2 million customers while it was active.

Founded in 2014, SDC marketed their invisible teeth aligner kits as a faster, cheaper and aesthetic alternative to braces.

Many of SDC’s customers find themselves in limbo following this decision, not knowing what to do regarding their simile makeover treatments. 

Their tele-health dentistry model allowed customers to get clear aligners for their teeth without the need for an in-person dentist visit.

Effective immediately following SmileDirectClub’s announcement:

  • Patients will lose access to their lifetime guarantee 
  • Payment plan patients are to continue making payments
  • Customer support is not available from SmileDirectClub
  • Unshipped orders have been cancelled

Avoiding disappointing customers in this way is why Smile White was created. Our service inclusive model pairs patients with a local dentist.

As a company founded by cosmetic dentists @thetwindentists, we intuitively recognised the inadequacies on offer and understood the importance of in-person dentist visits, especially when it comes to ongoing treatments like smile makeovers. 

Our aim is to combine the wide range of options and speed that new technology enables, while still keeping the trust and reliability that patients need when receiving their dental treatments. 

By working with professionally accredited and trusted Smile White dentists, we provide peace of mind for everyone who undergoes smile makeover treatments.

According to their website, customers will be at the back of the queue and refunds will be processed after SmileDirectClub’s bankruptcy process has finished/concluded.

Their announcement also recommends that their customers “consult a treating doctor or your local dentist with any questions around future aligner treatment.”

For anyone wanting to perfect their smile with clear aligners, you can book here with one of our aligner consultants - Book Now

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