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Gone are the days of liquid mouthwash tablets poured out of a plastic bottle. Smile white mouthwash tabs are a brand new, innovative environment friendly mouthwash tablet with a high percentage of xylitol which help kill the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

Product Benefits

Product Benefits

Effective Sensitivity Relief: Formulated with potassium to effectively soothe and calm sensitive teeth, providing you with relief from discomfort.

Stain Removal and Prevention: Features special boosting silicas that not only help remove existing stains but also prevent the build-up of future stains, keeping your teeth looking bright and clean.

SLS-Free Gentle Formula: Gentle on both your teeth and gums, making it perfect for individuals with sensitive teeth who want a toothpaste that doesn't compromise on cleaning power.

Maximum Fluoride for Strong Teeth: With the highest level of fluoride, Gentle Care Toothpaste promotes strong and healthy teeth, ensuring your overall dental health is well taken care of.

Comprehensive Dental Care: This toothpaste offers a holistic dental care solution by combining sensitivity relief, stain removal, and fluoride protection, all while providing gentle cleaning and whitening action, giving you the complete package for your oral health.


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